Lord’s Still / Sparkiling 500ml R15.00
Lord’s Still 1000ml R25.00
Soda Cool Drinks 340ml R15.00
Soda Cool Drinks 200ml R13.00
Tomato Cocktail 200ml R18.00
Play Energy Drink R28.00
Ice tea (Lemon / Peach) R18.00
Appletizer 340ml R18.00
Grapetizer Red / White 340ml R18.00
Fresh Juice (Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Guava) R18.00
(Lime, Cola Tonic, Passion Fruit) per 25ml tot R6.00
(Lime, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate)  R28.00
We use Peacock Coffee & Teas, the finest to our taste and hopefully yours
Fine Blend Tea R15.00
Rooibos Tea R15.00
Filter Coffee (Mocha Java No7) R15.00
Coffee (Espresso Castinette No 28) R18.00
Cappuccino with Foam R20.00
Cappuccino with Cream R25.00
Espresso Single R16.00
Espresso Double R28.00
Caffe Latte R29.00
Vanilla Latte R29.00
Chocochino R29.00
Hot Chocolate R29.00
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